All about Fab bag!

What is Fab bag?

Fab bag is an Indian beauty subscription service which sends you a customised bag according to your preference at your doorstep. All you have to do is fill in the questionnaire for them so that they can know you better and customize your bag accordingly making sure that you love it. You can subscribe for a period of 1 month (Rs. 599), 3 months (Rs. 533/month), 6 months (Rs. 483/month) or even a year (Rs. 416/month). The longer period you subscribe for, the more discount you get. You also receive an additional bonus gift on subscription of 6 months or 1 year.

Want an additional flat 10% off on your subscription? Since fab bag only allows me to send it through an email, you can leave your email id down in the comments section or you can also DM me on Instagram to avail this amazing offer! 

Also another good thing about them is that you can return your bag if you don’t like the contents sent to you for any particular month. 

There are many beauty subscriptions available in India. I have tried the envy box and fab bag. My envy box subscription has ended and I don’t plan to renew it. I have been using fab bag subscription for 9 months now. My fab bag subscription ended this month, but I renewed it for another year! Yayyy 😁

Fab bag has theme for their bags every month like most of the beauty subscriptions. The reason I like fab bag is because I have ALWAYS received products worth more than the amount I paid for it. I wouldn’t say I loved all the products I have received till date, but I have definitely discovered some amazing products through them. And also the bags I receive my products in are always amazing and uniquely designed. 

I like beauty subscriptions because it is like gifting something to yourself every month. You have paid for it but yet you’re excited when your bag arrives as it’s filled with surprise goodies. 

Do you have fab bag subscription? Do you like the idea of beauty subscriptions? Is there any beauty subscription that you love and would like to recommend? Tell me all about it as I would love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. Honest views.

Until next time, StayGlamrs! πŸ’‹


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  1. Lovely blog ! Would love if you could visit my blog – and maybe even follow:) !

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    1. Isn’t it? I love them all! 😁

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