Sarpass, a lifetime experience!

Here’s to the most beautiful walk of my life. Sarpass, the moment I hear this name it instantly takes me down my memory lane. Going for trek was one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken in my life. In my opinion everyone must try trekking at least once. It’s a brilliant experience which cannot really be put in words but an experience that stays with you forever.

Ever wondered why should you try trekking? I have an answer for you. Trekking teaches you to not give up, it pushes you till your limits, increases your willpower. You will be amazed to discover yourself!

Sarpass is a snow trek which is in Himachal Pradesh, India. It’s difficulty level is from easy to moderate. You can choose this trek if you are a beginner. I can say this confidently since it was my first trek too. Best season to go for Sarpass is from May to October.

There are various trekking groups that you can choose to go along with but I chose to go with Triphippie. They involve locals and personally I feel if you have locals involved you can trust them better. It was a 6 day trek. First day was an introductory day where we went around the market for shopping in Patlikul where our base camp was located. Spent our day in our beautiful tent. The view was breathtaking.

Next day we left from our base camp to start our trek from Shila. We were taken to Shila by a car. At Shila we were all fired up! All set to start the trek. All set to walk for the next 5 days.

And here we go! Me along with 5 more trekkers and a team of 5 locals which consisted of our guide and the helpers. We followed the path instructed by our guide and started walking towards our next campsite. I must admit that the beginning was tough. Tougher than I expected it to be. We covered 7-8 kms to reach our base camp Zirmi, which was located at 8960 ft high. For the next day we had our campsite at Tila Lotni which was located at 10896 ft high. Since we were fortunate enough to experience snow this early our camps were put up on snow. It was indeed a beautiful camp site. It was probably my favourite as I enjoyed a lot here. I played like a kid with the snow. It was first time ever that I had experienced snow. It was beautiful!

Next day was the longest day where we had to cover 12-13 kms. Yes, it’s the day we crossed Sarpass! Sarpass is 13800 ft high. We reached Sarpass and it snowed. Yes, I experienced snowfall which couldn’t get any better. And next comes the best part of the trek, slide. Yes you get to slide down from Sarpass. It’s a beautiful experience sliding down the mountain covered with snow. It’s only in my imagination that I ever wanted to do something like this and I’m glad that I was fortunate enough to live the moment.

After the wonderful experience we reached Bishkari. Right after Sarpass we started descending. For me descending was way more exciting than climbing. Other trekkers had different opinion. You eventually find out what you enjoy more. Next day we descended to a beautiful campsite, Bhandhak Thach. It rained while we were there. We enjoyed a cup of tea and bhajiya prepared by our team for us. What else could you ask for! It was bliss. We spent the day playing cards in our tents.

This brings us to the last day of my trek where we descended towards Barshani. At Barshani we ended our trek.

From my trekking experience I have a few tips and tricks for you which will be handy if you are planning to go for a trek.

1. Less is more. Carry only the essential. Do not overload your trekking bag with the things you don’t really require.

2. Roll your clothes, don’t fold. Rolling your clothes and packing them instead of the regular folding will help you save on a lot of space. You will find helpful videos on YouTube that will help you understand my point better.

3. Do not give up! Prepare yourself mentally way before you start your trek. Always remember, you can do it!

4. Start going for walks a month prior your trek to build up your stamina.

5. Lastly do not forget to carry a good sunscreen along with you to avoid sunburn.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and it helped you in someway or the other. I’ll be back with another post very soon!

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